Iron sharpens iron. Each of our programs are designed to make sure your people elevate their mentalities and keep their edge. We do so by challenging the paradigms and limiting beliefs embedded into each individual’s subconscious, clarifying vision, inspiring growth, and developing peak performance by utilizing the same tools and techniques used by champions and elite-level performers across the world.

Each program consists of a series of weekly workshops that last 2 to 4 hours. Training is delivered in a small group setting of up to 20 select members of your leadership team. Workshops can be purchased individually, but we recommend completing the full program to see the most substantial change. One of our trained instructors will debrief with a member of the leadership team throughout the training to share insights from the group and collaborate on the best way we can serve you and your organization. Individual coaching for select team members can be combined with any of our programs for an even deeper transformative experience.

As the late Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” In these turbulent times, be the organization that attracts top talent by creating a winning culture that can navigate powerfully through any environment.

Peak Performance Program: Creating Champions (5 Workshops Across 5 Weeks)

  • Week 1: Creating a Mantra or Creed – A New Standard and Identity
  • Week 2: Creating Clarity & Vision to Manifest Results
  • Week 3: Creating Consistency Through States, Self-Talk & Routines
  • Week 4: Composure & Consistency in the Storm
  • Week 5: Balance & Boundaries to Create Sustainability – We Win Everywhere

Communication Workshops (5 Workshops Across 5 Weeks)

  • Week 1: Understanding Your Voice as a Powerful Tool
  • Week 2: Pitching & Sales
  • Week 3: Having Difficult Conversations – Conflict Resolution
  • Week 4: Delivering Powerful Presentations
  • Week 5: The Art of Negotiation


Be open. Be sincere. Be ready for change.