1. A New Identity
    You were not born with a spirit of fear, but one of POWER, LOVE, and SOUND MIND. Are you operating out of a spirit of inspiration or desperation? When you begin to understand how truly powerful you are and claim the truth of your identity you will unleash a radical transformation in yourself and inspire your people to do the same. I have coached hundreds of individuals and multiple world champions challenging each of them to answer tough questions. The result is people who operate from a place of clarity, peace and power. Join the Mental Sensei as he leads you and your organization through these questions to create a new standard, a new identity, and a new level of performance!
  1. The Power of Hypnosis
    Feeling adventurous? Learn how hypnosis works, the truths and myths of this oft misunderstood technique, its origins and how it can be used to benefit you in your next competition. Then, open your mind as the Mental Sensei hypnotizes all who are willing in a live demonstration. You won’t want to miss!

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A New Mindset

The Superman Effect

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