I’m not like other coaches. I don’t offer a standard curriculum. There is no personality profile for you or your team to complete and I don’t offer fancy printouts with colors, labels, and graphs. It’s just me and you. And if you commit, that is more than enough to create powerful change in you and your organization.

My name is J. Caleb Rogers. I am the Mental Sensei.

The problem with most coaches today is the rigidity of their structured curriculum or philosophy leaves them vulnerable and weak in adapting to ever changing environment with ever adapting people and temperaments. I’m adaptable. I’ve had to learn in the trenches with real people and it’s honed my coaching approach to one of extreme customization and flexibility. I meet you where you are at, we bring to life your vision, your identity, your strategy, and we execute in real time with honest timely feedback.

My executives appreciate brevity, my hopes are you do as well, so I’ll keep my pitch short.

I offer wisdom. Wisdom, which if implemented, will create peace of mind, clarity of purpose and power in performance for yourself and your organization.

My approach:

  1. Understanding. It starts with understanding. Like any good doctor I want to understand before I diagnose. The first few sessions, I’m looking to understand you, your vision, your beliefs, your culture, your environment, and anything else relevant to helping you win.
  2. Identity. We cultivate a powerful identity grounded in character and values. You are most powerful when you are living a life that is authentic and consistent to your beliefs. Wherever you go, whether at work, home, or away, there you are. So, we will start with a foundation built upon truth.
  3. Vision. Aim well. You are a modern-day prophet. Perhaps a prophet of profit, I couldn’t resist. Together we will refine your vision to create clarity and purpose in yourself and organization. You can do whatever you put your mind to, but we must ensure that your focus is sharp. We are here to conquer.
  4. Strategy. We will craft your battle plan through goals, habits, rituals, and routines. You know your business better than I. However, I am a CPA, have worked in consulting for one of the largest firms in the world, and have been exposed to a variety of industries and situations that have given me useful perspective and insight both personally and professionally. Plans succeed with many counselors.
  5. Execution. This is the fun part. I will coach you using a tailored approach to cultivate powerful performance states and drive consistent results. I have been fortunate enough to coach hundreds of athletes and executives in some of the most intense environments on the planet. This has given me a breadth and depth necessary to bring out your best in any situation. We will level up your mentality, character, communication, and leadership. We will conquer

Areas of Expertise:

  • Communication
  • Conflict & Mediation
  • Speech & Presentation Coaching
  • Leadership Development Strategy
  • Championship Mindset
  • Healthy Habits, Rituals, & Routines
  • Vision & Goal Setting
  • Hypnosis & Subconscious Training
  • Negotiation Tactics
  • Cognitive Conditioning (Focus, Brain Speed, Memory, Auditory & Visual Reaction)
  • Personal & Family Relationships

Coaching Format:
Sessions typically last an hour, but we will structure your coaching based on your specific scheduling demands. Coaching sessions are offered on a per session, monthly, and annual basis. My ask is that you enter this relationship with honesty, openness, and commitment. If so, you will see meaningful impact your goals, mindset, and organization.

Coaching can be provided in person, through video conference (Skype, Facebook, Zoom), over the phone, or through a combination of all three. I will work with you to coordinate the most appropriate time and place to meet consistently for our coaching sessions.

Take a step. Set up a complimentary coaching consultation today and I promise to give you my best so that we can bring out yours. Let’s get it!


Be open. Be sincere. Be ready for change.