1. The Five Fight Framework – Full Preparation for Winning Competition
    Each fight has 5 fights. We are here to win them all. In this keynote the Mental Sensei guides your team through dynamic presentation and storytelling to break down his unique approach for winning your next competition.

  2. The Power of Hypnosis
    Feeling adventurous? Learn how hypnosis works, the truths and myths of this oft misunderstood technique, its origins and how it can be used to benefit you in your next competition. Then, open your mind as the Mental Sensei hypnotizes all who are willing in a live demonstration. You won’t want to miss!

A New Mindset

  1. The Glory of the Crucified Ego: Walking your Path
    The ego and the applause – Two of the biggest distractions which impede the true purpose and potential of athletes and individuals. Join the Mental Sensei as he walks you through the code of the Bushido, the Samurai code in addressing key components necessary to find your way and stay true to the higher path. Peace and clarity are before you today.


Be open. Be sincere. Be ready for change.

Other Testimonials

Jason Bircher

Black Belt & KCBJJ Owner

Tyler Disney

Fitness Director Prairie Life Fitness