Winning mentalities are infectious. Unfortunately, so are losing ones. The elite teams of almost every major professional sport have a sports psychologist on staff available to work with their athletes. As coaches, it is our job to create an environment that fosters growth in character and athletic performance. This starts in the mind. Together, we will create a culture that breeds champions.

I have customized a 9-week program in which you and your team will meet with me either in person or by Zoom each week to train top mental techniques which will challenge and sharpen their minds and ultimately elevate training and performance. I cater my approach specifically to the demands of your team, including your unique location, size, and scheduling needs.

Mental training camps usually consist of a hybrid of group sessions and open office hours. In group sessions the team comes together to learn, grow, and ask questions, as I present techniques used to train and prepare for competition. Office hours are open to athletes who would like more time to dive into individual performance concerns.

Iron sharpens iron. In a few weeks watch as the culture shifts and the true potential of those dedicated to their training begins to shine creating a domino effect impacting every athlete in the gym. A rising tide lifts all boats. Shoot me an email today to learn more. Scheduling details…


Be open. Be sincere. Be ready for change.

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