Born of a single mother and elementary education teacher, and raised with the help of his grandfather, a Southern Baptist minister, Caleb Rogers seemed destined to fill the role of both mentor and speaker. However, as most journeys go, it took him navigating a few detours before getting there.

Out of college, Caleb obtained his C.P.A. and began work in the financial services sector for PwC as an auditor. Dissatisfied with his role, he quickly transitioned from audit work to consulting. While a much better fit, it still didn’t quite hit the mark, and a few more moves had to be made. 

After careful reflection, Caleb took a step into mental coaching and in a short time moved from working with amateur fighters to both UFC and Bellator professional athletes. The Mental Sensei was born!

Journey alongside him as he shares his wisdom of character and calling in an effort to help you experience a life of purpose and meaning!

Mental Coaching for Elite Athletes And Sport | Kansas City - USA