Mental Mastery: Conquering Pressure

Are you ready to learn from the one of the best mental coaches in the game how to conquer pressure and compete at your best from a renewed sense of confidence and power?  Read on.


Today's competition is fierce.  Athletes are beginning to recognize the importance of mental preparation and the transformation is powerful! 


The Mental Sensei has worked with 100's of athletes helping them overcome pressure and prepare for war.  In this series, he will guide you through some of his best concepts and principles to develop understanding and battle-tested tactics to conquer your source of pressure. 


This course is broken into bite sized chunks, optimal for on the go learning.  Conquering Pressure includes over 20 strategies, concepts, action steps, and tips presented with humor and enthusiasm that will help you conquer pressure!​  Make the investment.  You owe it to yourself to be at your best!

Sample lessons include:

  • ​Progress over Perfection or Adopting a Growth Mindset

  • Re-framing the Fight

  • Competing from Power or Identity

  • Focus on Control

  • Creating Powerful States

  • And much more!