More and more today people are beginning to realize the importance of one’s way of thinking. The mindset of a champion, a warrior, a person of influence, power, and success is not some pie-in-the-sky concept that only a privileged few are allowed to obtain. It can be learned, honed, refined, and expanded through focused, strategic preparation, daily rigor, and exercise.


I offer a support structure; a relationship in which I give you tools and methodologies to strengthen and develop your mind and clarify your approach to life’s challenges and goals.

My coaching provides a well-spring of hope, inspiration, encouragement and instruction that cleanses away the poison of a negative mind-state and combats the wealth of negative reinforcement so embraced by our culture today.

'Together we will mold your mind into an indomitable force capable of breaking through fears and creating new realities'.


Is this a little ambitious? Absolutely, but we live in a time in which those whose ambition is fuelled by purpose, practiced in discipline, and guided by love will define the future of our planet. It starts with one.

I coach professional fighters. This includes UFC, Bellator, and other mixed martial arts athletes, as well as boxers, wrestlers, and bjj practitioners. 

Oftentimes, these athletes face incredible pressure to perform, fear, doubt, anxiety, distractions, and a wealth of other mental blocks or limiting beliefs which impede peak performance.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, or want to explore taking your training and preparation to the next level, let's talk. Athletes spend a tremendous amount of time drilling technique, cardio, strength, mobility, etc; all of which pertain to the body. Excellent work, however, there is little focus, if any, on the mind. At elite levels of competition, this is something that must be remedied. Mind and Body. Your success takes both.



I provide direct one on one coaching that focuses on mental mastery. I acknowledge that while mastery is by its very nature impossible to obtain, we will pursue it relentlessly, and along the way, achieve excellence, peace of mind, joy and a respect for ourselves, our journey, and the results it produces. 


Each session typically lasts an hour, but has been known to go longer. Coaching sessions can be purchased on a per session, monthly, or annual basis.  

My goal is to provide you with service and support that aids you in your conquests, strengthens your mind, and exceeds your expectations. I’m confident in my ability to deliver superior counsel and guidance. However, if you feel that our coaching has not been beneficial or a value-add in achieving your life goals and pursuits then I’ve failed you. That isn’t good for either of us and something that I will diligently work with you to make right. However, if you still are dissatisfied, I offer a full refund.


As each person is unique, so is my coaching technique. Thus, while I have an established coaching philosophy that continues to mature as I do, my coaching sessions are tailored to the individual. We work together through a variety of techniques and methodologies to discover what works best with you and your learning style.

Here is a sampling of some of the coaching techniques I leverage from my coaching tool kit:

  • Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

  • Positive Self Talk

  • Introspection, Reflection, & Directed Action

  • Visualization 

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Journaling

  • Self-Assessment

Coaching can be provided in person, through video conference (Skype, Facebook, Zoom), over the phone, or some combination of the three. I work with you to coordinate our schedules in order to find the most appropriate time and place we can meet consistently for our coaching sessions.


My friend, that is entirely up to you. How long do you want to wait before performing to your true potential? Is there a pride or unwillingness to look for a little help? Greats have great coaching. If not me, then someone, but take action. Don’t risk succumbing to your fears or mental limitations at the expense of living a life of peak performance, purpose, and calling.  


Time waits for no one. Reach out today and let’s do this thing.


Be open. Be sincere. Be ready for change.